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By day, I work at ESET as their Distinguished Researcher, and publish articles in their blog, We Live Security.
If you need to contact me regarding something work-related, please do so there first.

Here are some social media services that I use:

Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Aryeh's Blog
I very rarely check my LinkedIn account. Don't contact me there if it's anything time-sensitive.

I enjoy discussing technology and am a big proponent of online communities, whether they're web forums, mailing lists or something else. Here are some online communities that I participate in:

Lenovo Forum Lockergnome Help Forum Neowin
reddit Scot's Newsletter Forum Slashdot

I am the recipient of Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award in the area of Windows Expert IT-Pro, recognized as a Most Valuable Contributor (MVC) at Neowin, a Community Advocate for Lenovo and am a moderator at both the Lockergnome Help Forum and Scot's Newsletter Forum. In addition, I am an active contributor to several technology and security mailing lists, including the ThinkPad Users mailing list. I also help manage the Zeroday Emergency Response Team program and C-SQUAD mailing list, although neither of those are very active these days.

Last revised May 2, 2013.